Creating Communities 

Grandma and Granddaughter Bonding Through Cooking

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Highlands Residential was started with a clear purpose – to build communities where my mom would want to live. This goal has since grown into a broader vision of creating communities for the world’s most amazing grandparents and their friends.

When designing a senior-friendly rental community, we keep in mind an ideal resident. We build a community this person would love, which, in turn, appeals to others with similar likes and needs. This method has worked for Hardy Springs and The Chateau, and we expect it to do the same for Park Place.

Every step of our process, from choosing the location to designing interiors, is based on our future residents’ perspective. For example, if a community location doesn’t have good access and might create an unsafe situation for our residents, we don’t consider it.

We design each home with accessibility and adaptability to suit our amazing grandparents and their friends. The aim is to allow residents to age in place and stay with us for as long as they want.

Amenities are picked based on what our residents will enjoy on a daily basis. We aim to provide amenities that residents will use often, not just those that look good during the leasing tour.

More impressive than any amenity though, are the existing residents. The more active and engaged they are, the better the community. This draws in new residents and guides our design and management process.

In managing properties, our goal is to foster community. We aim to build a place where residents do more than just live. They should be able to interact, create memories, and enjoy every day they are with us.

At Highlands Residential, our mission is to create communities where people can build friendships and memories. This mission drives everything we do.