5 Great Advantages of Senior Living Communities like Park Place by Highlands

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In each stage of our lives, our needs and preferences change. This is especially true when transitioning to a senior living community. Many consider the transition to an age exclusive community (AKA active adult rental). This is a big decision and not for everyone. It can offer many benefits that enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Imagine the advantages of residing in a 55+ Rental community; how it can support a fulfilling, comfortable, and secure lifestyle for seniors.

1. Social Engagement and Community, i.e. Friends

30 million older Americans live alone. We offer a great solution.


Isolation is a concern for seniors living on their own. Park Place by Highlands offers a built-in social network of friends. We make it easy to meet new friends and easy to maintain those friendships. We will offer a calendar full of events and activities. Our residents typically plan events that we don’t even know about!

It’s so easy to engage in social interactions, pursue new hobbies, or rekindle old passions, all of which are vital for mental health and well-being.

It’s also a great comfort to be surrounded by people that care. Recently when one of our residents at another location was sick, the property staff brought up some chicken noodle soup as a way to show our love to this particular resident.

We love our residents and we love on our residents.

2. Maintenance-Free Senior Living

OK…. there is no such thing as maintenance free. BUT! We do all of the maintenance for you.

One of the most appreciated benefits is the maintenance-free lifestyle. We take care of your home maintenance and landscaping, freeing residents from the burdens of home upkeep. This allows our residents more time to enjoy their interests and activities without ever having to call a contractor.

3. Health and Wellness Programs

Park Place by Highlands prioritizes the health and fitness of their residents. We offer a great fitness center with fitness classes. We are working on creating partnerships to help educate our residents and be more proactive about their health as they age. We also have relationships with food providers that can provide healthy meals directly to our residents. These programs are designed to maintain, if not improve, residents’ physical health and mobility.

Did we mention that we are 10 minutes from a world class hospital??

Northside Hospital Gwinnett is a Level 2 Trauma Center and is a 388-bed hospital including the Strickland Heart Center’s cardiovascular specialties, The Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion, cancer genetic testing, and has 1,200 physicians and more than 5,200 employees.

Northside Hospital Gwinnett

4. Safety and Security

Safety is a paramount concern for seniors and their families. Independent living in a senior living community like Park Place by Highlands provides the benefits of safety with a gated entry system, a trained staff, and loving neighbors that offers peace of mind that help is always nearby if needed.

5. Simplified Financial Planning

Park Place by Highlands can simplify financial planning and is remarkably less expensive than most retirement communities and independent living options. Your monthly payment often covers housing, maintenance, and activities, which can help manage budgets more effectively. Apartments are efficiently designed and therefore utilities are typically far cheaper than a single family home.

Conclusion: Park Place by Highlands an amazing Senior Living option

Choosing to move to Park Place by Highlands is a decision that offers a wide range of benefits, from enhanced social opportunities and maintenance-free living to improved safety and health care access. We designed our community to support a high quality of life for seniors, providing the resources and environment necessary for a comfortable, secure, and engaged lifestyle. 

For those considering this transition, give us a call or schedule an appointment to come visit and see what we have to offer.